A thorough exam involves the items outlined below.

Your Medical History

Several conditions and medications can impact your oral health and treatment

Your Dental History

Letting us know about your past care or concerns with your oral health will give us a better understanding of your foundation. Not only previous treatment, but fears or anxiety that you may have can be discussed.

Dental X-rays 

These allow the dentist to see what is going on below the surface of the teeth and gums such as cavities under existing fillings, impacted wisdom teeth and bone loss caused by gum disease or any infections.

Extraoral Exam

  • head and neck exam, glands and lymph nodes – function of your jaw
  • signs of grinding and/or clenching

Intraoral Exam

  • Your gums and soft tissues
  • Oral Cancer screen. We utilize Velscope in our exams as an aid to detecting abnormalities.
  • The position of your teeth, and how they come together when biting and chewing
  • Your existing dental work
  • The condition of your teeth
  • Oral Hygeine assessment.
  • Growth and development in children

Please know that you will have time to ask questions and discuss issues and goals that are of concern to you. The examination is a guideline that we follow to ensure all necessary information is gathered to give you an accurate diagnosis and the best care we can.